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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GOLD'S GYM - response to me

Hi Shaina. We're sorry you're having trouble getting in contact with us. Can you tell us what location you were working out at? We can then forward your request to our customercare team right away.

GOLD'S GYM - part 3

@GoldsGym I work out at the Gilbert, AZ and Peoria, AZ locations. I received a call from one of your reps telling me that I can't freeze my account for financial reasons, even though I was already told by another rep that I COULD freeze the accounts (FREEZE, not terminate) as long as I did so with a $0, and before the payments started processing. What happens when I'm out of money--what will you take then? I don't appreciate being given the run-around; I don't appreciate being taken advantage of. I'm facing tough times and I'm asking you simply to HELP me by freezing my account until I can find a job. This makes me question how much I want to renew my contract in November.

GOLD'S GYM - part 4

@GoldsGym By the way, I am posting this on every social media site I know. People need to know what's going on, so they can protect themselves.

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