Sunday, January 16, 2011

16 January 2011

Forgot to mention yesterday about my altercation at the gym.
I was on the elliptical.  To my immediate right was a man on another elliptical, an empty elliptical, and then another man on the last elliptical in the row.  So we have Man A and Man B, separated by the empty elliptical, and they decide to have a goddamned conversation—SHOUTING!!! as though standing in opposite corners of a busy warehouse.  How obnoxious!  I said to Man A, “You know, it’s really not polite to shout indoors.”  Man A apologized, saying something about the noise in the gym and the distance between him and Man B.
“ Well, you could move closer.”  There was an empty elliptical!
And then Man B made a stupid mistake.  He said, “Oh, shut the hell up, woman!”  Oh, no no no…..
“Excuse me?!”
“Don’t tell us to move closer when there’s someone on that machine!”  Meaning the vacant elliptical, the elliptical that had been vacant long before they began their shouting.  And if someone had been there, do you think these two men would have engaged each other in such ridiculous volumes to begin with?  Bellowing at each other over the hapless person in between?  I think not!
I do not suffer bullshit to pass.  I informed the current Gym-Employee-in-Charge of the disruption to the collective peace and the subsequent harassment.  Man A ran up and tried to defend his friend—“He’s a good guy, he was just kidding around!”
Again, I call bullshit.  As I walked past Man B on my way to bigger and better fitness horizons, he started in on me again:
“I shouldn’t have said anything, I—“
 “No, you shouldn’t have said anything.  In fact, you should stop saying things right now.”  Walk away.  Break the wrist and walk away.
Go me!
Not much to report about today.  I am a fantastic cook.  And AGAIN!!!  JUST BECAUSE I’m quiet, DOESN’T MEAN there’s anything wrong!  I am NOT delinquent, NOT antisocial, and WHEN will I be able to stop explaining that to people?!?!?!

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