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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2 January 2011

Is chivalry dead?  I wsa thnkign about this in the shower today.
Let me back up—I get all my best ideas around drains.  Toilet, sink, shower, bottom of the pool.  I would say it’s the water, not the drain, but I live in Arizona, so I’m not often around water in its natural environment (i.e. sans drain).
So chivalry—dead?  No, it’s not…but maybe it should be.  Let me explain.  I’m no feminist.  I believe women should have EQUAL rights but not SPECIAL rights.  In my opinion, chivalry affords women special rights to which men are not privileged.  My boyfriend would never slam a door in my face, but he has never opened the car door for me, and I’ve never expected it.  I think it’s a little sad when a woman can’t (or won’t) open her own door.  It’s just another way to make a woman into a child (much like she was in Victoria times, when a woman’s life was an endless stream of useless whimsy).  Chivalry benefits no one.  I don’t want a man-slave, nor do I want to be patronized.
I welcome all opposing opinions.

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