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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pigeon Watch over the past few days (18 January 2011)

Day 1 of Pigeon Watch
There’s this pigeon standing on the corner of the ledge outside where the spiky plastic things to keep birds away don’t meet.  I can see it from the second-story window.  It may be male or female, but I can’t tell.  It is, if nothing else, a rugged creature.  Feathers all ruffled.  Is it cold?  Is it defense?  Is it a mating display?
All ruffled up.

Day 2
It could be a pregnant female.  Maybe it’s just fat.

Day 3
I think it’s a defense thing.  I thought the puffed feathers may help to conserve heat, but that doesn’t make sense.  Those vented feathers wouldn’t hold in heat like tightly compacted feathers.

Day 4
Have I seen this bird before and forgotten?  Have I not seen it all—have I been oblivious to its existence?  If it’s been there this whole time, why am I just now noticing it?

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