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Monday, January 3, 2011

3 January 2011

For reasons of not wanting to be sued I shall, in my blog, refer to a certain someone in my life as L.  I was very sick to my stomach today.  I mean, I was sick.  I asked L if I could go home to rest a bit (when you've spent the morning being sick off and on, it leaves you feeling slightly drained).  She said I could leave when I could confirm that certain things (which could have been put off to the next day!) were done.  Of course, there were obstacles.  Of course, nothing was good enough.  OF COURSE! the unrelenting militant gave me even more work to do.  I sat in her office, shaking with nausea and exhaustion, and listened to her again enumerate all my faults and shortcomings.  And not only did I not get to go home and rest like I should have, I left 15 minutes late!!!
This is NOT fabulous.

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