Thursday, January 13, 2011

Every little nest needs a bird (13 Janurary 2011)

There are those people, there will always be those people, who just annoy the piss right out of you.  I try not to get irritated.  I try to ignore the “tap tap tap” of feet going into shoes, the inane comments, and sing-songy preschool teacher naiivities, the overloud “internal” dialogue…..  But this person drives me nuts at best! and at worst, absolutely disgusts me.
I went to the gym (of course!) and since it was later, there were far fewer people than yesterday.  I’ll be glad when Jake and I can go at these later times and take advantage of the ebb of humans.
I have doubts every now and again about my present career path.  It’s not something I really panned—it just sort of fell into my lap.  At such times, I have to take a moment to calm down and envision it, and to ask myself if I’ve ever gotten tired of baking?  And I answer myself that no, I never have.  When I have the time and the resources, I don’t tire of it at all.
Will it ever rain again?  I really should live in the Northwest.

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