Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 January 2011

We had a meeting today.  All meetings are fairly predictable, really.  If I had a company, my meetings would be hella fun.
Getting back to the topic, though.  We have a new…someone here.  A director, I think?  She is a very strong personality.  She’s direct, she talks quickly, and she’s often asking her next question while you’re still answering her previous one.
You’d think such a person would be intimidating.
But I found myself engaged by her, and more willing to speak up than in any meeting previous, where all participants were polite and docile and careful.  See what a warm and outspoken person can do?  And it made me think that maybe I’m stronger than I thought.  I have things to say.
I know I’m absolutely wasted here.  I’m very intelligent, I’m very creative, and I’m driven to change the world and make a name for myself.  Here in this beige cubicle, under these fluorescent lights, I am intellectually and creatively starved.  I can make no name for myself; I can’t do anything that will ever matter to me.
It’s about time I get out of here and put my plan into motion.

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