Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cupcakes! (8 January 2011)

I had my cupcake class today at Sweet Basil!  (  What fun!  There were 7 different recipes (all of which I have a copy).  We paired off into groups and each group was responsible for 1 recipe (we made the Chocolate-Rolo Candy Cupcake Bites with Whipped Ganache & Caramel Drizzle and they were DELICIOUS!).  All the cupcakes were simply wonderful—even the minty ones, and I’m really not a fan of mint!  There will be pictures to come.  But sad! we couldn’t take any home!  Apparently, Sweet Basil has no food license and can’t allow people to take prepared food away.  So the inevitable upshot of all this is that I’ll just have to make each of the recipes on my own at home.  Oh darn, I get to bake.
After that I hit the gym and had an amazing workout, while watching some not-so-amazing news.  I’ve already said my bit about the assassination attempt on Representative Giffords, so I’ll leave it alone here.  Suffice to say, I’m disgusted by the rhetoric of hate and lies in this country, and it needs to stop, and I plan to do my part in making this happen.
Homemade brats for dinner makes me happy, and all things said, today was a good day.

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